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About Us

Our Client Promises

Coaching Clients

Your coach will...

  1. Listen intently and bring their best self to each meeting.

  2. Hold you accountable.

  3. Seek to inspire you with new perspectives and encouragement.

  4. Challenge you to live a more intentional life.

  5. Confront you with truth.

  6. Purpose to make a positive impact in your life.

  7. Provide excellent coaching and counsel beyond your expectations.

  8. Keep your discussions confidential.

  9. Continue to invest in their own personal growth and excellence for your benefit.

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Communication Projects

  1. We help reduce your communication project overwhelm.

  2. We listen.

  3. We serve as your coach, consultant, guide and partner through the creative process.

  4. We honor your vision, mission and goals.

  5. We make every effort to produce effective and productive communication.

  6. We strive for your complete satisfaction.

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Bold Ink Communications serves the people of Lubbock, Texas and the world with executive leadership, business and life coaching, as well as turnkey e-learning development and creative corporate communications. Our mission is to help you be successful -- however you define it.

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